Dedicated Servers Agreement


In the event of a conflict between the Dedicated Servers Hosting Agreement and the Universal Terms of Service, the Universal Terms of Service will control.


Our single and dual processor CentOS Linux Dedicated Server Hosting plans with SSDs give you scalability, flexibility, and reliability. We have state-of-the-art data centers, one in the Washington D.C. area, and the other near One Wilshire in Los Angeles. Our fully managed, custom dedicated servers come pre-installed with LAMP stack with the option of purchasing cPanel licenses. Any updates or security patches are installed and maintained by our USA Dedicated Server Hosting team. Take control of your dedicated server and utilize it as you see fit. With our CentOS Linux environment and optional Root Access, the possibilities are endless.

To see our current hardware specifications, please see for the most update to date information.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your account, or turn off auto-renewal please contact our Customer Service Department at any time. We recommend calling us at 888-321-4678 ext 4 (US customers) or +1-757-416-6575 ext 4 (international customers) as the fastest method, followed by chat, and then creating a ticket if necessary.

The services may also be canceled by either the customer or InMotion Hosting by giving the other party thirty (30) days prior written notice. Cancellation is subject to an early cancellation fee payable by the customer.

The Company can at any time and without notice, if in InMotion Hosting’s sole and absolute discretion, the customer is in violation of any term or condition of the Terms of Service or any related agreements, Authorized User Policy, or the customer’s use of the services to disrupt or could cause disruption of InMotion Hosting’s business operations.

Refund Policy

We stand behind our products and service. We guarantee that you will always get reliable hosting, competent support and professional service – or we will issue you a refund. Our industry leading money back guarantee allows you to have peace of mind and to try our services risk-free.

All (6) six month and longer term hosting plans for our Dedicated Server Hosting packages are covered by our unmatched 90-day money back guarantee. Subscription cancellations outside of our 90-day money back guarantee for the initial service will be subject to an early termination fee.

Monthly Dedicated Server Hosting initial packages are eligible for a full refund for 30 days.

All subscription renewals will be final and no refund is available regardless of the service plan term.

Backup Policy

InMotion Hosting does not provide backups for our Dedicated Server plans. Each client is expected and encouraged to maintain backup copies of their own data.

We do recommend some of the following options offered by cPanel and Boldgrid for creating backups.

InMotion Hosting assumes no liability as to the availability or completeness of client data backups. InMotion Hosting shall not be liable for any loss or damages for the restoration of a client’s data backups.

Upon Cancellation or Suspension for nonpayment, all data is purged from the server.

cPanel Licensing and Server Management Support

cPanel Licensing and Server Management Support are addons for our Dedicated Server Hosting subscriptions and will be billed as monthly addons, separate to the hosting subscription.

Server Management Support. This includes server and service uptime monitoring, proactive maintenance, regular server updates, and 24/7/365 Customer Support via phone, chat, and tickets. Server Management Support is a required addon for customers electing to subscribe to a cPanel license for their Dedicated Server and will be billed monthly at $25 per month.

cPanel Licensing Subscription. Your cPanel license subscription will be billed monthly based on your selected tier as outlined below:

Up to  100:     $15/mo

Up to  150:     $20/mo

Up to  200:     $25/mo

Up to  250:     $30/mo

Additional 50 License Blocks (up to 2000 total):    $10/mo per addon

Pricing for the cPanel license will not automatically be reduced to the lower tier if you reduce the number of cPanels accounts in use below the limit tier that you are subscribed to. To downgrade to a lower tier,  you can manage your subscription from within your Account Management Panel (AMP) or contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

If the cPanel license addon fails to renew for any reason (i.e., non-payment), the cPanel license will be suspended. The suspension of the cPanel license alone will not disrupt your hosting subscription’s availability (unless it, too, is suspended); however, all functions of cPanel will cease until the renewal is processed and the license is reinstated. Renewal of service can be done directly in your Account Management Panel (AMP) or through our Customer Support Team. The renewal term for cPanel licenses is only available on a monthly term and will be non-refundable.

IP Usage

As part of the Dedicated Server Hosting plans, a number of IPs are assigned to the customer. The assigned IP address(es) are for the customer’s use, the right to use that IP address shall belong only to InMotion Hosting. The customer shall have no right to use that IP address except as permitted by InMotion Hosting’s Terms of service. 

InMotion Hosting, shall maintain and control ownership of all Internet Protocol numbers and addresses that have been assigned to the customer, and InMotion Hosting reserves the right to change or remove any and all such Internet Protocol numbers and addresses, in its sole and absolute discretion.


Higher levels of traffic will incur overcharges on a monthly basis. However, the rates for bandwidth usage are lower for IMH than for any other services we offer. IMH provides full access to web reports for network traffic monitoring and reporting. IMH also provides graphs that show customers’ monthly usage, which is the average rate and reflects the amount of bandwidth transferred during the month. The bandwidth charges reflect the average monthly bandwidth in Kilobits per second (Kbps) and in Gigabyte(GB)/month. These charges reflect our expenses in network maintenance, upgrades, backbone port charges, leased line loops, and equipment.