Death of Account Owner


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Death of Account Owner

We are sorry that we have encountered a situation where we are unable to meet your requests to release the account login details and ownership to you; however, we appreciate your understanding as we take the necessary steps to ensure correct verification and ownership of an account. We have certain verification and security methods in place to protect account owners from potential hackers, thieves, or anyone, in general, that would want to gain access to an account to cause disruption of service or harm to a business or organization. This in no way implies that we suspect this of you; however, when we receive contacts from individuals that are unable to produce verification of the account ownership, we must adhere to our security policies and protect the account holder.

We certainly understand that circumstances vary, especially in regards to the passing of an account holder; however, if the new account owner is not provided the hosting account password or any other information to verify the hosting account, there is no means by which we can truly verify that the hosting account specifically was to be moved to new proprietorship.

Please submit the Unavailability of Registrant Form with any and all documentation that you have to provide ownership of the business or organization. Please also include any confirmation of the passing of the account owner. If you have any programs from the funeral, obituaries, or death certificates, please include these. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused, as it is not our intention to cause any further stress in this time of mourning.

Upon receiving the above-mentioned documentation and the Unavailability of Registrant Form, it will be reviewed in further detail.

Please submit this information via email for review to the following email address:

The Unavailability of Registrant Form can be found below:

Once again, we are sorry that we have been unable to process the change of ownership for you sooner, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we take these steps to ensure account security.